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Our hearts go out to individuals and families nationwide who are experiencing the effects of COVID-19. At Oasis on Lanier, we are dedicated to the health and well-being of our residents and clients, as well as their families and our team members.

In response to COVID-19, we are following recommendations provided by the CDC and federal, state and local regulatory authorities, and are incorporating them into our already comprehensive infection control policies, procedures and protocols specifically tailored to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

We currently do not have any residents, but as residents move into Oasis on Lanier, we will be implementing the following:

Implementing, and, in many cases, exceeding recommendations provided by the CDC and federal, state and local regulatory authorities.

Restricting visitation:
All non-essential visitors are restricted from entering our home.
Essential visitors and team members are limited to one entrance, are screened for sign of fever or other indication of illness, and everyone is required to thoroughly wash or sanitize their hands before entering.
Note that visitor protocols may vary based on state and local directives.

Focusing on infection prevention and control practices, including:
Maintaining a high level of cleanliness throughout our home.
Closely monitoring the health of future residents and team members.
Implementing emergency response plans.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Tammy Owens, NP
Oasis on Lanier

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